Red & White blood cell cancer appeal 04/03/11

Red &White blood cell appeal

(March 06, 2011)

Thank you to every-one who helped make a long day a success at Red Funnel. I have not enjoyed myself so much on a boat, And for the first time in my life I was able to go to the bridge with the people who were asked and have thier photo;s  taken with me. I think the whole of Southampton must have been pleased with the effort every-one put in, Thank-you to all the media and Red Funnel for thier continued support with myself. Also may I say well done GUS he rode a stationary bike for over one hundred miles, The crews on the boats the office staff and the ground staff were brilliant. Keep an eye on my site as new venues could be shortly on thier way, How much was raised I am not sure but will update when they have counted it. Bye for now and take care.

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