First of all it would never be possible without some-one or persons sponsoring me, as without sponsors like many things these days things would not be viable.

So a very big thank you to  EMBROIDER ME a small family run business with a very big heart, they do all my shirts and cups and if you have a job big or small Sorry to see you retire thank you for your support over the years.

Secondly MENZIES AVIATION who I work for as a Operations Supervisor, they have supported me since I joined over twelve years ago.

RED FUNNEL who  became another sincere help in charity work I do,I certainly would never be able to do the work I do on both parts of the water, and I fully appreciate the time and dedication from all your staff, THANK YOU.

SUPERSCREENS this company fixes windscreens and windows for all types of vehicles.Richard the boss paid for my bear costume. They have since sold out, thank you for your support. 

TOTAL TYRES this company repairs tyres or provides tyres for all types of vehicles. They have provided me with tyres when needed for some of my vehicles that back me up on long journeys.A VERY BIG THANK-YOU.

If you scroll down other pages at the bottom will keep you updated or see yourselves take care.

TESCO'S all Tesco's branches have through out my years supported me on various charity events including my walk from Lands End to BBC studio Wood Green for Children in Need. I was the Pied Piper of Capital.They paid for the fuel and tins of food for that walk, and to this day are still behind me collecting outside their stores.A VERY BIG THANK-YOU.

M&S Accident repairs any vehicle any time with absolute precision repairs they are situated in Feltham, Ashford Middlesex they have repaired and kept my cars really tidy and repaired dents and bumps THANK YOU VERY MUCH TERRY really appreciated.

Let me also say A VERY BIG THANK-YOU to all the BBC backroom staff who you never hear about, who are the backbone to all that happens at Children in Need without any of these people these events would never go ahead. They work very hard to keep the show live and trust me when I say they work hard.You only see the finished product on your T.V but at the studio's we see the staff, from seeing you in and checking your passes, to the scenes being put up or made, WELL DONE  all of you.

Last but not least THANK-YOU to my family and friends who have stood by me missing out on holidays and various other events, just because a charity cause had called me to help, I know some times it is a last minute thing, but they all so far have been worth the effort we have put in. Up to now we have raised well over two hundred and sixty thousand pounds for various charities, by giving them the help they required, and hopefully I will be able as long as my health continues, will do what we can for who ever we can.

We recently have become involved with Ability dogs for young persons, this charity is Red Funnels charity for this year and we have been asked to assist help by raising monies, which we look forward too.

I have already mentioned Total Tyres but their continued support has kept myself and helpers on the road THANK-YOU.

Thank-you every-one for your support, and remember LET YOUR CHANGE MAKE A CHANGE.